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The foundation and fundamental ethos of the medical practices carried out by Health and Healing Pvt Ltd are drugless therapies and chemical free remedies.

Drugless therapies are rooted in the ancient culture of Sri Lanka and date back thousands of years. The origins of the ancient practice of indigenous medicine by the indigenous people of Sri Lanka is known as “Hela Vedakama”. This indigenous health system was complemented by Ayurveda, which has now emerged as an advanced natural medicine practice.

Muslim physicians introduced the system of Unani medicine which originated in Greece and was further developed in the Middle East. This system was brought to the Kandyan Kingdom and was given royal patronage and integrated into the traditional medical practices of Sri Lanka.

Siddha medicine was introduced from South India and was predominantly used in the North and the East of Sri Lanka, and now is fully integrated into the indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka.

Health and Healing Pvt Ltd, having understood the value of these traditional methods, has further developed them into a comprehensive, integrated medical intervention.

This has been achieved through the practice of Nutritive Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, and Deep Cure Therapy, along with Advanced Structural Corrections. These evidence-based drugless therapies have been found to enhance the positive effects of traditional medicine practices.

Integrated and Holistic Medical Approach

We believe that there needs to be an emotional and spiritual equilibrium to heal the physical self. The core of our approach is to integrate the practices of the 6 medical disciplines in our treatment protocols to achieve this equilibrium and empower the person to overcome a disease or a condition. We combine ancient knowledge with modern scientific methods to achieve optimum results. All of the treatments, are evidence-based.

We have designed a system of uniformed treatment that will assist individuals to understand their own bodies and minds, and thereby take responsibility for their own health rather than sub-contracting it to various doctors. Based on this awareness, Health and Healing practitioners build a therapeutic partnership with their patients.

Our ethos

To enable a holistic understanding of the

Human being


Interaction among all elements

This will empower the individual and society to make informed choices regarding healthcare and medicine, and make available to them the tools required for the regime of natural medicine and drugless therapies to achieve a balanced life, free of disease.

Our foundation is based on the integration of ancient wisdom with traditional practices and modern science.

Our services

Integrative Medicine Clinic, treating patients with Chronic Illnesses

Setting up of Medical Spas

Education and Training of Practitioners

Developing Herbal Remedies

Our Doctors

Dr. Tyrol Ferdinands

Dr. Tyrol Ferdinands is a Certified Practitioner in Functional and Integrative drugless therapies that include Nutritive Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychotherapy with a specialization in Emotional Freedom Therapy/Technique (EFT). His practice integrates drugless therapies with his passion for homeopathy that provides for chemical-free remedies. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (iCAM).

C.nm (practitioner) Certification in Nutritive Medicine

C.Psy Certified Integrative Psychotherapist

C.Hyp Certified Integrative Hypnotherapist

Dr. Natalie Cooke

Dr. Natalie Cooke pursued a Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Tianjin Medical University, China where she was granted a Gold Medal in Surgery. Upon her return, she joined the Sri Lankan Army and worked as a surgeon in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. She went on to work at the National Cancer Hospital and later a leading private hospital where she set up the specialties of Plastic Surgery and Oncology. Further to this, she pursued a fellowship in Fertility at the Family Planning Association. Later to this, she joined Vingyana as the Head of Clinical Operations and Practice Manager, where she was introduced to Integrative Medicine and Healing. This is where she decided to continue in Natural Medicine.

M.B.B.S. (Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery)

MSc (Health Administration)

MBA (Medical Administration)

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