FOX JAFFNA by Fox Resorts


Emerging from the remnants of a challenging past, the culturally rich and beautiful city of Jaffna, has become a thriving tourist hub. Travellers from around the world journey to the Sri Lanka’s northern city, to sink their toes in the pristine beaches and visit the architectural marvels that outline the city’s landscapes.

Full Day Excursion 1

Be enthralled as you gaze in wonder at the religious structures and archaeological sites that make up a large number of attractions in the city of Jaffna. Your full day excursion in the city will cover:

  • The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple
  • Ambaal Temple
  • Vallipuram Kovil
  • Kantharodai Viharaya
  • Naguleswaran
  • Jaffna Fort
  • Lunch at Cosy Restaurant (for crab curry and naan) in Jaffna Town
  • Keerimalai Natural Springs
  • Nilavarai Bottomless Well
  • Dambakola Patuna Viharaya
  • Church of South India
  • Ponnalai Perumal Kovil
  • Manthri Manai (palace entrance)
  • Sangiliyan Thoppu (statue of the last king)

Full Day Excursion 2

With an exciting day planned in the city, this full day excursion will keep you on your toes as you learn about Jaffna’s history, culture and tradition.

  • Elephant Pass - the gateway to Jaffna
  • The Salterns
  • The newly constructed railways station (Elephant Pass)
  • Army memorials at Elephant Pass
  • Casuarina Beach - for a picnic and stroll
  • Lunch at Fort Hammenhiel Resort - operated by the Sri Lankan Navy
  • Delft Island - for a remarkable island experience
  • Jaffna Market – for fresh fruits and sweet-meats only found in Jaffna
  • Point Pedro – the tip of the island, corals and sand dunes

Half Day Excursion 1

As there are plenty of things to see and do in Jaffna, fitting them all in one day can get a bit exhausting, especially if your stay is for a short duration. At FOX Resorts, we have planned an excursion that will let you experience the best of the city within a limited time frame. Our half day tour includes a drive to the following attractions:

  • Elephant Pass
  • The Salterns
  • The Jaffna Library
  • St. Mary’s Church the seat of the Jaffna Diocese
  • Nallur Kandaswamy Temple
  • Dutch Fort Ruins
  • Ponnalai Perumal Temple
  • Sangiliyan Thoppu (statue of the last king)
  • Charity Beach
  • Nilavarai Bottomless Well

Half Day Excursion 2

Birds flock to Jaffna like bees to a honey pot, which makes it the ideal bird watcher’s paradise. This Bird Mania excursion will include:

  • Kayts Causeway (drive through) to watch the flamingos
  • Chundikulam Wildlife Sanctuary (barn owls, nocturnal ambush predators, butterflies and dragonflies)
  • Konda Manaru - Witness the beautiful sight of migratory birds (Black Kite, Black Drongo, Grey Partridge, Long-tailed Shrike, Golden-backed Woodpecker, Indian Courser)