Mas Villa by FOX Resorts


Standing watch over the landscape through the centuries, the mountains that surround Kotmale have their own tales to tell of days long past. With these tailor-made excursions in Sri Lanka, Mas Villa gives you the chance to truly explore the many sights of this ancient mountain kingdom, and experience its rich cultural and natural heritage.

Full Day Excursion

Discover the enchanting wonders of Sri Lanka’s hill country with this full day excursion. Experience the breathtaking beauty amidst the mountains as you explore the area around the Kotmale Dam. Visit a traditional tea estate and take in the sight of awe-inspiring waterfalls.

  • Kotmale Dam and Power Station (approx. two hours)
  • Kotmale Hanging Bridge
  • Harangala Tea Estate Bungalow
  • Dunsinane Falls / Pundalu Oya Falls (stop for tea and jaggery / durian)

Half Day Excursion 1

Waterfall Tour

Sri Lanka is home to some truly magnificent waterfalls that lend to the hill country’s incredible natural beauty. This special half day tour takes you to some of the area’s well known falls where the cascading water forms a shroud of mist against the backdrop of mountains covered in emerald.

  • Kotmale Hanging Bridge
  • Gernadi Ella
  • Dunsinane Falls / Pundalu Oya Falls

Half Day Excursion 2

History Trails

The areas in and around Kotmale are steeped in history, providing a fascinating insight into the island’s rich culture. On this half day tour, you will get a chance to visit and explore everything from an ancient dagaba to a traditional village, each offering something different to experience.

  • Mahaweli Seya
  • Pushpitiya
  • Kadadora (historic entranceway)
  • Kotagapitiya Village
  • Ambalama (traditional rest house for travellers)