Mas Villa by FOX Resorts


When you book a stay with us you get access to one of the most well equipped Kothmale hotels around. At Mas Villa, we’ve got a full suite of facilities to ensure that your stay is a comfortable and exciting one. From personalised spa services to a private swimming pool, badminton court and pool table, there’s plenty to keep you happy throughout your stay.

  • 24/7 front desk services
  • Complimentary internet access
  • On-request personalised dining services (at a setting of your choice)
  • On-request spa services
  • Swimming pool
  • Badminton court
  • Pool table
  • Gym facilities
  • Mountain biking equipment
  • TV lounge with cable TV
  • Library
  • DVD collection
  • Board games
  • On-request laundry services

Have any special requests? Just let us know in advance, and we’ll see to your needs.