Mas Villa by FOX Resorts

Places to See

From exploring historical trails to hunting for waterfalls, the attractions of Kotmale will make your holiday with us, one to remember! The quiet village of Kotmale, located approximately 146 km from the Colombo International Airport, is home to the island’s second largest hydroelectric power station.

Some of the key attractions to visit in Kotmale are:

Kotmale Dam and Power Station

The Kotmale Dam, built in 1979, is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam in Sri Lanka measuring a height of 87 m and a length of 600 m. The dam is known to be the second largest supplier of hydroelectric power in Sri Lanka. The reservoir which encompasses land from Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, is a mere 25 minute journey from Mas Villa. Tourists, who wish to explore the beauty of the dam and its surroundings, have the option to go on a picturesque boat ride along the calm waters or embark on an exciting fishing trip. Head back to the shore at the end of your excursion, and enjoy a scrumptious picnic back made by our experienced chefs.

Kotmale Hanging Bridge

The Kotmale Hanging Bridge, located 30 minutes away from Mas Villa, is popular amongst those who are interested in places to see in Nuwara Eliya and Kotmale. Surrounded by a tranquil atmosphere, those who set foot along this path will encounter scenic views of the Kotmale Dam, thick forests and cascading waterfalls. The Hanging Bridge is a thrilling adventure for those who dare cross it. The bridge is also famous for offering a range of activities that tourists can partake in, which includes a peaceful boat ride, bird watching, night camping and jungle trekking.

Kotmale Maha Weli Seya

The Kotmale Maha Weli Seya was built to commemorate the 50 submerged temples and lands that were lost as a result of the construction of the Kotmale Dam. Perched on a hill overlooking the magnificent dam, the Stupa is known to be the second tallest in Sri Lanka and serves as a great introduction to the culture and religion of the island. The dome, which measures 174 ft, adds magnificence to the breathtaking Kotmale Valley, and is 35 minutes away from our property.

Dunsinane Falls or Pundalu Oya Falls

A glorious cascade of 100 m, the Dunsinane Falls is the epitome of beauty tucked away between the lush forests of Kotmale. The name of the waterfall is a clever combination of the two tea estates which it flows between, the ‘Dunsinan’ and ‘Sheen’ estate. The waters of the dam flow into the main Kotmale Tank. The stunning Dunsinane Falls is located an hour away from Mas Villa and is a great day time excursion for adventure enthusiasts!

Kadadora or Dehedu Kadulla

From a total of four ancient main entrances to the city of Kotmale, the Kadadora is the only remaining structure from the past, which was believed to have been used by Prince Gemunu. Historical stories often state that the Prince would hide his royal sword in a tree near the entrance. The entrance has since been restored and is bordered by two layered stone walls supporting the original frame.

Harangala Tea Estate

Sri Lanka is known for its abundance of tea, and those who journey to this beautiful island will almost always go back with a few packs. The Harangala Tea estate, established in the 1920s, was originally owned by a British corporation. The restored Harangala Bungalow, currently under the care of three local planters, is a minute away from our property and offers delectable local cuisines that are infused with the island’s best range of spices.