Ranna Beach Villa by Fox Resorts

Places to See

Situated along the scenic southern coast of Sri Lanka, Ranna Beach Villa in Tangalle is ideally positioned within convenient proximity to a number of beautiful beaches, animal sanctuaries, and historic sites. Whether you’re looking for a bit of sun, sand and surf or to get your camera out and sightsee ancient cultural heritage sites, things to do in Tangalle are plentiful.

Turtle Bay Conservation at Rekawa Beach

The turtle conservation on Rekawa Beach (20 minutes away) is run by NGOs and volunteers. The months from April to September see a large variety of turtles such as the Green Hawksbill and the Leatherback, come ashore to lay their eggs. Like turtles? You can volunteer to help protect baby turtle hatchlings as they waddle their way to the sea. You can also spot turtles at the neighbouring Medilla Beach where you can go for a swim in the cooling waters.

Marakolliya Beach & Parawella Beach

Just two minutes away from our beach house, Marakolliya Beach’s golden sand is peppered with cabanas, mangroves and palm trees. Lounge in a hammock by the lagoon, as you are gently rocked to and fro by the refreshing sea breeze, or grab a bite to eat at one of the nearby beach shacks.

Also, a stone’s throw away from Ranna Beach Villa, the naturally shallow and gentle waters of Parawella Beach, create an ideal environment to practice safe swimming. Other safe swimming locales in the vicinity are Medaketiya Beach (4 minutes away) and Medilla Beach (12 minutes away).

Goyambokka & Pallikaduwa Twin Bay Beaches

Situated under five minutes away from our villa, these scenic and secluded twin beaches feature a series of rocky caves and pristine white sands, flanked by the clear, sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. As the rock-strewn terrain of these beaches impedes construction directly along the shores, the beaches afford an elevated sense of privacy. Another beach close by that offers a lot of privacy, is Seenimodara Beach, also known as Sugar Bay, which remains relatively untouched by the effects of mass tourism.

Whale Watching & Water Sports at Mirissa

Around an hour and a half’s drive away, the coastal town of Mirissa offers an array of aquatic activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea and fishing, in addition to whale and dolphin watching. Marine species such as the Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Fin Whale and Killer Whale, in addition to many varieties of dolphins, turtles and flying fish, can be spotted here.

Wewrukannala Raja Maha Viharaya

The Wewrukannala Raja Maha Vihataya is located approximately 30 minutes away from Ranna Beach Villa. The highlight of this Buddhist temple is the 160 ft tall sculpture of the seated Buddha which was built in the 18th century, and is thought to be the biggest statue in the island. Another intriguing aspect of the temple is the array of life-size models it features. These portray in graphic detail, the various punishments faced by sinners in hell.

Mulikirigala Rock Cave Temple

Formerly known as the Rock Cave Monastery, this site has seen over 2000 years of history, dating as early back as the 2nd century BCE. There is a local belief that the temple guards an ever-burning lamp fuelled by mustard oil, whose flames are destined to be extinguished only by the birth of the next Buddha. The Mulikirigala Rock Cave Temple is around a half hour’s drive away from Ranna Beach Villa.