Fox Resorts' Commitment to You During COVID-19

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Fox Resorts’ Commitment to You During COVID-19
The well-being and safety of our Guests and our Team members are prioritized at all times at Fox Resorts. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for more information about the measures that we are taking to prevent the spread of the virus, and also confirm with your hotel about available services and any updates on local rules or restrictions that may be in place


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Discover the buried treasures deep beneath the gardens of Fox Jaffna

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February 21, 2019

Fox Resorts, the boutique hospitality arm of The Capital Maharaja Organization, is delighted to announce the opening of the its famed “Bunker Galleries” to discerning Guests to Fox Resorts Jaffna.

Built during the height of the Sri Lankan Civil War, when this Jaffna property was under the control of Rebel Leaders, the two underground bunker hideouts remain as a lasting reminder of Jaffna’s struggle.  A decade after peace was won, these underground monuments have been restored and refurbished to exhibit some of the nation’s greatest artwork and artifacts in a museum setting. 

A leisurely stroll through the Art Gallery will find you marveling at some of the masterpieces that help define Sri Lanka’s rich heritage.  The Bunkers now contain representative works by internationally- and nationally-renowned artists, covering a variety of media and period styles – befitting a property that spans times both ancient and modern.  Some of the most seminal works in the collection come from Sri Lanka’s elite “43 Group”, which include Harry Peiris, Justin Deraniyagala, George Keyt, Ivan Peries, Richard Gabriel, Aubrey Collette, L. T. P. Manjusri, W. J. G. Beling, George Claessen and their patron, the photographer Lionel Wendt. These paintings are from a private collection and has hitherto been unseen by the public.  David Paynter and Donald Friend are Masters which deserve no less praise, followed by George Bevan and others equally prized are presented alongside the classics.  Copies of this art are exquisitely displayed throughout the hotel rooms, restaurant, and halls.

The second Bunker has been reopened as a History Museum, displaying information on the history of Jaffna, dating from pre-historic times through the civil war era. The Gallery is home to numerous historic artifacts from the Peninsula, each telling the story of what came before.

“Jaffna is a hidden gem in terms of history, with significant heritage sites and multicultural elements long predating the civil war,” says Chris Quyn, CEO of Fox Resorts. “Our vision in opening this museum was to showcase the diversity of Jaffna and the rich heritage of Sri Lanka ”.

Transformed from the home of an erudite family to today’s Boutique Hotel and Villa, Fox Jaffna offers 28 rooms, sprawling over the property in Kokuvil. The charm of this magnificent property comes from its carefully manicured garden with historical delights, making it a one-of-a-kind offering in the Peninsula of Jaffna. With the best-rated pool in the district, together with a “Chef ”, the hotel’s multicuisine restaurant, specializing in truly local delicacies of Crab Curry, fresh Jaffna Seafood preparations, “ Khool ” soup, Milk Hoppers and other Sri Lankan treats, served by friendly and smiling staff, the guest experiences a true delight in Jaffna, leaving a memory that cannot be matched.

The museum is open to all visitors from 10 am to 5 pm daily. Please call Fox Resorts on (+94) (0)21-7400-400 for more information, or if you wish to arrange a time to visit the museum.

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